Group and Private Lessons

Group swim lessons at NEAC are taught by trained and experienced instructors. Classes are small to ensure plenty of individual attention and practice time Our Swim instructors incorporate child based learning techniques to build confidence and help each child reach their individual swim lesson goals. For more information please email

Group Lesson Class Descriptions

Parent & Child Aquatics (5 months-3 years)
This swim group is designed as a very early introduction to water and water safety for infants and early toddlers. A parent or guardian is required to be in the water with each student. Swim diapers are required of all children that are not potty-trained. Parent & Child Aquatics is a fun and safe time to become acquainted with the water in a playgroup style class through fun activities, songs, repetition and basic safety skills. Parents and guardians will learn: proper holding and cuing techniques, beginner stroke development, beginning breath control, back float (assisted); jumping into the water(assisted), socialization and more! 

Preschool Level 1 (ages 3 and up)
This is a class designed specifically for preschool swimmers.  Parents are not required to be in the water with their child but allowed if needed. Preschool Level 1 will be a slow and gentle approach to the Level 1 skills and will be taught at each child’s comfort level with familiar songs and games.

Level 1 (Ages 4 and up. Children must be able to attend class without parent present.)
Children will be introduced to: Submerging mouth, nose, and eyes; blowing bubbles; Breath control (bobs); Jumping into the water; Back float; Front float; Front stroke development. 

Level II (Children must be able to attend class without parent present and be able to go under water comfortably and learn in the middle of the pool. Basic Level I completion is required.)Children will be introduced to: Front float and recover; Back float and recover; Front glide and recover; Back glide and recover independent front and back stroke development/refinement. 

Level III (Children must be able to learn in the deep end of pool. Prerequisites include prior completion of a Level II course or the ability to demonstrate all the skills required to pass Level II.)Children will be introduced to: Front crawl mastery; Back crawl mastery; Elementary backstroke; Introduction to breaststroke; treading water; rotary breathing

Levels IV and V (Children must be able to learn in the deep end of pool. Prerequisites include prior completion of a Level III or IV course or the ability to demonstrate all the skills required to pass Level III or IV.)The objective of Level IV is for students to develop confidence and improve on the front and back crawl, treading water and breaststroke, while also being introduced to the butterfly stroke and seated and standing diving. Diving rules and safety assists are also built upon in this level.

Adult Lessons
Group lessons for adults are for all abilities. Each class will offer individual attention to specific needs or adult participants. Private lessons are available at any time.

Private Lessons

In addition to our group swim lesson program, New England Athletic Club offers private and semi-private lessons for any skill level, by appointment. Private and semi-private lessons are 30 minutes in duration. A private lesson involves only one student in each lesson. More than one student at a time is considered a semi-private lesson.

What you can expect from your Private & Semi-Private Lessons

One-on-one Instruction: In a private lesson, your instructor is devoted entirely to your needs for the entire lesson.

Curriculum: In a private lesson, the instructor is available to spend time on areas where you need assistance. There is no prescribed curriculum- it’s about what you want to learn, with the flexibility to spend as much or little time as necessary.

Ease of Scheduling: Many of our clients choose private lessons simply for the ease and flexibility of scheduling.

How to Start                                       

 In order to begin private lessons, the first step is to register and make your payment for the lessons at the front desk.

Within 1-2 days after registration, your instructor will contact you directly to arrange a schedule for one or all of your lessons.

From this point on you will arrange all lessons with your instructor.

At any point, and for any reason you may contact NEAC to request a different instructor.

Private and semi-private lessons are non-refundable and expire 3 months from the date of purchase.

No credits or makeups are available without at least 24 hours advance notice.

Pricing for 4 Lessons

Private: $160 + tax

Semi Private: $260 + tax

Private Group of 3: $400 + tax

*Nonmembers pay additional $25 + tax Enrollment Fee